What is an Art Print on Canvas?

Alot of art retailers give you the option of choosing of transfering an art print or poster to canvas but provide you options that are hard to understand if you have never purchased a poster/art print transferred to a ready to hang canvas before. This explains the options in detail and helps you make a wiser decision. Because alot of online retailers will not take a return on a canvas item because they are not easily restockable. Canvas Transfers are created custom per order and just the round trip shipping costs are sometimes as much as the actual product itself. So use the following to make a proper choice or you might get stuck with a Canvas Print that might not be returnable.

Before spending alot of money on a canvas transfer, it is always best to order the poster/print first and see if you really like it and if you really like the colors. The reason why that is because when you browse online art retail sites, you are looking at the image of the actual print. Technology, monitors, and the actual image (gif) though most of the time is exactly like the print but there are chances that it might not be exact, for example a dark green color of the art print might be a bit light green when you receive the print itself. Though this is rare, it does happen so once again before investing in a more expensive Canvas Transfer it is always best to purchase the low priced print first and see if this is what you really want.

Choosing Museum Wrap over Gallery Wrap: you have to be careful here and this is mostly as a preference not one of these will make the product look like an original, face it its a Poster/Art Print where the image is transferred to a Canvas (like an artists canvas) so it is not a real reproduction nor is it an original. A Museum wrap is the uncropped version, imagine a poster with a white border this white border will be stretched over the wood bars of the canvas. If there is no white border, the image itself is stretched to the edge of the canvas not towards the wall keeping the actual size of the poster/print, with the sides being natural canvas color unless its painted as per your request. In gallery wrap the image is stretched over the wood bars and towards the wall thereby making the actual picture look smaller but the sides of the canvas will be the same color as the picture because its the picture stretched towards the wall. an unstretched canvas is just a canvas transfer that is not stretched on bars so it is on canvas material but not ready to hang, cause its not on wood.

3/4 inch or 1 1/2 inch bars what is this? This is the actualy size of the wood bars on the side and up and down of the canvas (the wood frame). To make a proper decision here in what size bars is right for you really depends on how far you want the picture away from the wall when you hang it. Anything over 1 1/4 inch will make the picture kind of look like a box sticking out from the wall more then a picture but there are alot of people who prefer this. The 3/4 inch is the default and will make it look more like an original piece cause its closer to the wall. You can request to make the bars anywhere from 1/2 inch to higher this all depends on how far you want the canvas picture from the wall.

What are Brushstrokes? Brushstrokes are literally that, artists will touch up and enhance the picture sort of like highlight the important parts and colors of the picture. Brushstrokes will not necessarily make your picture look like an better. This is all a matter of preference and taste. I have noticed that on a picture which already has too much light the brushstrokes might make it look to glossy and flashy. So this is once again a matter of preference that should be researched. If brushstrokes are important to you, its important to note that some custom frame shops and retailers might not offer brushstrokes or paint the sides of a museum wrap as requested, if this is the case you can try sources like ArtFuzz.com or Barewalls.


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