Levenhuk 5ST Microscope

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Stereo microscope. Binocular head. Magnification: 20-40x Levenhuk 5ST MicroscopeStereo microscope. Binocular head. Magnification: 20-40x Levenhuk 5ST Microscope's 6.3-inch working distance allows you to receive 3D-images of objects in a wide size range. This microscope can be used in different fields of science and industry as well as for measurements at home for studying relatively large and standard-sized samples. Featuring all the abilities of stereomicroscopes, Levenhuk 5ST allows rendering high-quality 3-dimensional images of observed objects, which helps not only to study samples more carefully, but also measure their dimensions.
With objective lenses of 2x and 4x magnifications, and two WF10x eyepieces included in the kit, Levenhuk 5ST Microscope provides total magnification of 20x to 40x. For focusing the received images, the coarse focus knob can be used.
The interpupillary distance of the microscope head can be set to a value of 2.1 to 3 inches, which makes Levenhuk 5ST an instrument highly adaptable to the observer. Levenhuk 5ST Microscope provides not only for high-quality detailed images and precise measurements, but also for additional comfort of observations. It features 60-degrees inclined binocular head, upper and lower illumination, stage with stage clips and double-sided black and white stage plate. Levenhuk 5ST Microscope kit includes: - Microscope - Binocular head with rubber eyecups - 2 10x eyepieces - 2 objective lenses: 2x, 4x - Matte glass stage - Double-sided black and white stage plate - Silicon case - User manual and lifetime warrantySpecifications:Magnification, x: 20-40 Head: binocular, inclined at 60° Interpupillary distance, in: 2.1-3 Working distance, in: 6.3 Focus: coarse, 3.9 in Illumination upper and lower: LED, variable brightnessPower supply: 110V power cableStage: with stage clips and double-sided black and white plate

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