Levenhuk 3ST Microscope

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Stereo microscope. Binocular head. Magnification: 20-40x Levenhuk 3ST MicroscopeStereo microscope. Binocular head. Magnification: 20-40x
Levenhuk 3ST Microscope is designed to render detailed 3D images of observed objects while measuring their dimensions, so it can be highly useful for specialists in various scientific and industry fields starting with biology and ending with jewelry industry and numismatics since its working distance of 2.2 inches allows studying relatively large objects as well as standard-sized samples.
The optics of the Levenhuk 3ST Microscope are made of quality coated glass so it can render the images of observed objects in true colors.
45-degrees inclined binocular head of this model provides for more comfort during observations and allows carrying on your studies for a long time without feeling any discomfort or the need to interrupt your work. That makes Levenhuk 3ST Microscope a very pliant optical instrument.
Levenhuk 3ST Microscope has built-in upper and lower illuminations that provide all the required light and are very reliable and economical because they use halogen lamps. The microscope stage has stage clips to keep observed samples in place and comes with stage plate that has black and white sides.
Levenhuk 3ST Microscope kit includes: - Microscope - Binocular head with rubber eyecups - 2 WF10x eyepieces - Rotating objective: 2x, 4x - Backup halogen lamp: 12V/10W - Matte glass stage - Double-sided black and white stage plate - User manual and lifetime warranty
Specifications:Magnification, x: 20-40 Head: binocular, inclined at 45° Working distance, in: 2.2 Focus: coarse, 1.6 in Interpupillary distance, in: 2.4 Eyepiece diopter adjustment: from +5 to -5 diopters Illumination: 12V/10W halogen lamp, fixed brightness Stage: with clips and double-sided (black and white) stage plate

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