Levenhuk M200 BASE Digital Camera

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A modern microscope digital camera Levenhuk M200 BASE Digital Camera
A modern microscope digital camera

The Levenhuk M200 BASE Digital Camera is a good choice for study, home use, and lectures. A 2-megapixel sensor gives an image resolution of 1600x1200 pixels. When making a video, you can select four different modes that differ by image quality and frame rate. The camera’s 20fsp frame rate is high enough to provide a maximally smooth image.
The camera allows you to transfer the image to an external screen in real time. You only need to install it in the eyepiece tube, connect it via USB cable to a computer and install the software (the CD is included in the kit). Settings take just several minutes. After that, you can process images, save videos and photos to your computer's memory, transfer data via email, or post interesting moments of your research to social networks.
The Levenhuk M200 BASE camera is compatible with biological and stereoscopic microscopes and fits ocular tubes of a 23.2mm diameter. To install the camera on other diameter microscopes, just purchase an adapter.
The kit includes:
Levenhuk microscope digital camera
USB cable for connection to PC or laptop and power supply
Installation CD with Levenhuk image editing software and the required drivers
User manual and lifetime warranty

Maximum resolution: 1600x1200
Megapixels: 2
Sensor?: 1/3.2'' CMOS
Pixel size: 2.8x2.8
Exposure time, ms: auto
Video recording: yes
Sensitivity, v / lux.sec @ 550 nm: 5@1600x1200; 7.5@1280x1024; 7.5@1280x960; 20@800x600
Application: eyepiece tube of 23.2mm diameter, instead of the actual eyepiece
Image format: *.jpg, *.bmp, *.png, *.tif
Video format: recording: *.wmv, *.avi, *.h264 (Win 8 or later), *h265 (Win 10 or later)
Spectral range: 380–650nm (built-in infrared filter)
Method of exposure: ERS (Electronic Rolling Shutter)
White balance: auto/manual
Exposure control: auto/manual
Software features: image size, brightness, exposure time
USB features: USB 2.0, 480 Mb/sec.
System requirements: Mac OS 10.12, Linux Ubuntu 14.04, Windows Vista/7/8/10 (32bit or 64-bit), CPU IntelCore 2 or above; RAM 2GB, USB port 2.0, CD-ROM.
Software: Levenhuk
Casing: metal
Power supply: via USB 2.0 cable
Operating temperature range: -10... 50°C; 14… 122°F

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